La Merveilleuse

Welcome to hotel “La Merveilleuse by Infiniti Resorts”.

The marvellous, the astonishing, all synonymous with ‘La Merveilleuse’.

Discover a unique place where past and present form a beautiful harmony, where tradition does not give way to luxury and hospitality is elevated to the heavenly.

La Merveilleuse
by Infiniti Resorts

From the hotel, you have a unique view of the Meuse River and of the city of Dinant with its impressive Citadel and Bayard Rock. A domain full of cordiality, peace and quiet, with unprecedented possibilities.

The hotel consists of 2 buildings, on the one hand the old monastery building with the catering area and where Maison Leffe is located. On the other hand, the New building where 12 recently renovated rooms are located.

A unique old convent.


Stylishly transformed

La Merveilleuse impresses. At the end of the 19th century, nuns settled here in what is today a majestic neo-Gothic complex.

Its location at this altitude is unique: the castle cloister offers a panoramic view of the centre of Dinant, a charming and cosy town with beautiful architecture.

Leffe Truck & Terrace

The old courtyard garden of the monastery has been stylishly roofed. Sipping a drink from our elegant seating area, or rather a beer at the bar? Everything is possible, nothing is obliged.
When the weather is nice, we serve you from our Leffe Foodtruck parked on the terrace.

Our terrace is our biggest asset, with its unique view on Dinant you can easily spend an afternoon here and enjoy the open air of the Ardennes.

From the truck we serve all Leffe specialties & other drinks, as well as a number of bits & bites.

Terrace is open to non-hotel guests as well.


La Merveilleuse?

The name “La Merveilleuse” doesn’t allude to the building, but is the name of the area which is characterized by a gigantic underground cave complex (with among other things a 6km walking pace with 3 big rooms). This cave complex was only discovered in 1904 while building a railway.

Maison Leffe

Leffe beer museum with tasting located in ''La Merveilleuse''

After having passed on its know-how from generation to generation for almost 8 centuries, Leffe wants to share this story with you.

A story you can discover in the chapel of the former monastery.

A story that will awaken all your senses through interactive experiences, touch screens and of course… A tasting.


Maison Leffe is open daily.

Regular ticket: €12.00
Enjoy ticket: €14.95

"Why Dinant?"

Dinant and its mighty citadel – enthroned high above the city – are the excursion destination on the Meuse by excellence: an absolutely essential visitor highlight for your next trip to the Belgian Ardennes!

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